Mutual Loans

Mutual Fund is Mutual Friend.

Mutual Fund pattern of investment has come to stay. It has also been gaining momentum in Indian Economy with increasing awareness and people’s preferences.

Salient Features of Mutual Fund :

  1. Suits everyone’s purse, starting from INR 500 and above.
  2. No specific expertise is required as it is well managed by fund managers who are highly qualified and experienced in Mutual Fund industry.
  3. Risk is diversified and hence no need to panic with the mandatory clause, ‘Mutual Fund is subject to market risk’.
  4. Section 80C of Income Tax act provides exemption on Mutual Fund Schemes under ELSS (Equity Linked Savings Scheme) to the tune of INR 1.5 Lakhs.
  5. Lumpsum Investment as well as SIP ( Systematic Investment Plan) are available.
  6. Life Insurance is also applicable in respect of certain schemes.
  7. SIP inculcates the habit of regular savings.
  8. Purchasing power of an Individual investor in the long run will be phenomenally more.
  9. Exit clause is also available.
  10. Through the similar concept of SWP ( Systematic Withdrawal Plan), an Investor will be enabled to maximise his/her earnings beyond retirement.

Edila Wealth ensures Mutual trust and satisfaction to its esteemed clients.